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Team tourmnament manager
Last version :  1.1.20   downloads : 50
- Improved edit tournaments

Before install new version please remove the old version of the program

Important! If you already have saved tournaments, save the file "data.mdb" with each update of the program so as not to lose the stored data.
Manager of team tournaments
Personally I led the chess club for five years where I was judged by individual and team competitions. Personal experience helped me that I myself did this program to keep tournaments. I added everything I thought that such a program must have. I think this program will facilitate work for chess club leaders. With this program, I also led qualifications for the national championship in my homeland.If you find that some function is missing, please contact me and I will make it.

Rimassoft Team Chess Manager are advanced program for chess tournaments and clubs. The program is designed to chess club management. It is especially suitable for chess club leaders.
The program allows advanced the functions the user needs. The program allows 2-12 players with team. The Round Robin system is used to assemble pairs.

The application can print a tournament blank table for the number of players you define. The Program also lists Round Robin table for the number of players you choose.

Support Windows : windows 10
Licence : Free

Chess team manager support next functions :

- manage team tournaments
- add,edit or delete teams
- show final ranking players or teams
- make empty turnire table
- show graphical ranking table and points
- show the best board results
- show dual teams results
- show round robin combinations for the selected number
- save and restore backups

Language support :
You must always run the program as an administrator to automatically load the latest status

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