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IPTV m3u player
New version  1.0.57      downloads : 4031 today : 1
- Added new tree view channel design

Important. Before install new version please remove the old version of the program
m3u player is an simple program to play m3u playlist and edit channels names. The program allows basic the functions the user needs such as play channels,select groups and play channels of your choice.

When opening the playlist, the program stores the data in the archive and when closing the program, the data is preserved and loaded at the next start so that you can continue playing.

Support os : windows 10
Licence : Free

The program support next functions :

- Automatics play selected chanel
- Rename and delete channel
- Rename first parameter for channels with one click
- Make favorite channels
- Groups editor
- Channels editor
- Delete group
- Save modified playlist

Language : English,Germany,Spanish,Polish,French,Turkish,Bosnien,Slovenien

The program does not support the playback stream of movies or series
You must always run the program as an administrator to automatically load the latest status

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