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2 Cloned and processed Chess Computers
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OriginalClones and processed
Applied Concepts Boris
-Boris Master (clone)
-Boris Diplomat
Applied Concepts MGS Morphy
-Sandy Edition (clone)
-Morphy Encore (clone)
-Chafitz Destiny / Prodigy
Chess King Counter Gambit
-Yeno 301 XL (clone)
-Chess King Triomphe
Chess King Pocket Micro
-Chess King Mighty Midget (clone)
Chess King Pocket Micro DeLuxe
-Mephisto Devil (clone)
Commodore Chessmate
-Novag Chess Champion MK II (clone)
-TEC Schachcomputer (clone)
Conchess Plymate Amsterdam
-Mephisto MM II
Conchess Plymate Glasgow
-Mephisto B&P
Conic Master I
-Multitech HG21 (clone)
-Zetron Computer Chess (clone)
CXG Computachess II
-CGL Computachess Travel Sensory (clone)
-Hanimex / Unimex Computachess II (clone)
-CXG Advanced Portachess (clone)
-Schneider Sensor Chessmaster MK 5 (clone)
CXG Enterprise S
-CXG Sphinx Comet (clone)
-CXG Computachess III (clone)
-CXG Star Chess (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Galaxy 2 (clone)
-CXG Crown (clone)
-CXG Super Computachess (clone)
-Schneider Enterprise S (clone)
-Fidelity Genesis (clone)
-Mephisto Merlin 4K (clone)
CXG Pocket Chess
-Fidelity Micro Chess Challenger (clone)
-Sphinx Chess Card (clone)
-Schneider Pocket Chess (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Chess Card (clone)
-Peri Alpha (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Junior (clone)
CXG Portachess
-CXG Portachess II (clone)
-CXG Chess Voyager (clone)
-CXG Computachess IV (clone)
-CXG Sensor Computachess
-Schneider MK 7 (clone)
-Schneider Sensor Chessmaster MK 6 (clone)
-Fidelity Computachess IV (clone)
-Sensor Chesspartner MK 4 (clone)
CXG Sensor Computachess
-Schneider Sensor Chesspartner MK3 (clone)
-Hanimex HCG 1500 (clone)
-Toytronic Sensor Chess Computer (clone)
-CXG Portachess
CXG Sphinx Chess Professor
-Yeno 416 XL (clone)
-Mephisto Europa
CXG Sphinx Dominator
-CXG Sphinx Commander (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Galaxy (clone)
-Mephisto Modena (clone)
CXG Sphinx Legend
-CXG Sphinx Accolade (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Concerto (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Legend II (clone)
-Krypton Challenge (clone)
-Krypton Comet (clone)
-Krypton Regency (clone)
-Excalibur Legend II (clone)
-Excalibur Avenger (clone)
-Systema Challenge (clone)
CXG Sphinx Madrid
-RadioShack 1300 (clone)
CXG Sphinx Royal
-CXG Sphinx Granada (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Supra (clone)
-CXG Advanced Starchess Plus (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Sierra (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Alicante (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Seville (clone)
-Excalibur Stiletto (clone)
-Excalibur Stiletto II (clone)
-Excalibur Stiletto Deluxe (clone)
-Mephisto Merkur (clone)
-Schneider Royal (clone)
CXG Super Enterprise
-CXG Advanced Star Chess (clone)
-CXG Super Crown (clone)
-CXG Chess 3008 (clone)
-CXG Sphinx Titan (clone)
-Mephisto Merlin 16K (clone)
Data Cash Systems CompuChess
-Novag Chess Champion MK I (clone)
-Novag Chess Champion MK I Quick-Response
-VIDEOMASTER Chess Champion
Data Cash Systems CompuChess Second Edition
-Conic Master I
Excalibur e-Chess Express
-RadioShack e-Chess Express (clone)
-Excalibur Keychain LCD Chess (clone)
Excalibur Ivan the Terrible
-Excalibur Igor (clone)
-Excalibur Grandmaster (clone)
-Excalibur Mirage
Excalibur King Arthur
-Excalibur LCD Computer Chess (clone)
-Excalibur King Arthur Deluxe (clone)
-Excalibur Sabre IV (clone)
-Excalibur Pocket LCD Chess (clone)
-Excalibur Chess Station (clone)
-Excalibur Igor (711E-2) (clone)
-Excalibur Kingmaster III (clone)
-Excalibur Squire II (clone)
-Excalibur Touch Chess (clone)
-Excalibur Touch Chess & Checkers (clone)
-Excalibur e-Chess & Checkers (clone)
-Excalibur e-Chess (clone)
-Excalibur Chess (932-JJ) (clone)
-Excalibur LCD Chess & Checkers (clone)
-Excalibur New York Times Electronic Chess (clone)
-Lexibook e-Chess (clone)
-Lexibook CG100 (clone)
-RadioShack e-Chess (clone)
-RadioShack e-Chess & Checkers (clone)
-RadioShack 2-in-1 El. Chess & Checkers (clone)
-Commodore e-Chess (clone)
Excalibur Phantom Force
-Excalibur Einstein Chess Wizard
-Excalibur Chess Wizard
-Excalibur Talking Chess Champion
-Pavilion Talking Electronic Chess
-Excalibur Alexandra The Great
Excalibur Squire
-Excalibur Electronic Chesss (clone)
-Excalibur Sabres (clone)
-Zodiac companion
Excalibur Touch Chess II
-Excalibur Einstein Touch Chess (clone)
-Excalibur Einstein LCD Chess Wizard (clone)
Fidelity Chess Challenger 10 A
-Chess Challenger 10 B
-Cassia Chess Mate
-Toytronic Chess Mate
Fidelity Chess Challenger 10 C
-VEB Erfurt SC 1/SC 2
Fidelity Chess Challenger 7
-Splice Byte XD 300 (clone)
-Fidelity Sensory 8
Fidelity Chess Challenger Mini Sensory
-Fidelity Chess Challenger Mini Sensory II
Fidelity Chess Challenger Sensory 6
-CAC-Modul für Mini Sensory
Fidelity Chess Challenger Sensory 8
-Fidelity Poppy (clone)
-Schach- und Lerncomputer SLC 1
Fidelity Chess Challenger Sensory Voice
-Fidelity Chess Challenger Sensory Voice De Luxe (clone)
Fidelity Chess Challenger Voice
-Izot U30M 1042C (clone)
-Fidelity Chess Challenger Voice Advanced
-Fidelity Decorator Challenger
-Fidelity Grandmaster Voice
Fidelity Chess Challenger Voice Advanced
-Fidelity Decorator Challenger (clone)
-Fidelity Grandmaster Voice (clone)
Fidelity Chess Mate
-Fidelity Avanti (clone)
-Fidelity Eldorado
-Fidelity Eldorado II (clone)
-Mephisto Alaska (clone)
-Mephisto America (clone)
-Mephisto Avanti (clone)
-Tchibo chess computer Kasparov (clone)
-GO 1650L (clone)
-RadioShack Avanti (clone)
Fidelity Chesster Challenger
-Fidelity Kishon Chesster
Fidelity Designer 2000
-Peri Gamma (clone)
Fidelity Designer 2100
-Peri Delta (clone)
Fidelity Elite A/S Budapest
-Fidelity Sensory 12
-Fidelity Sensory 9 B
Fidelity Elite A/S Glasgow
-Fidelity Elite Privat
-Fidelity Sensory 12 B
-Fidelity Elegance
-Fidelity Sensory 9 Speed
Fidelity Excel Mach III
-Fidelity Elite Avant Garde (clone)
-Fidelity Designer 2265 Master (clone)
-Fidelity Elite Avant Garde Version 2 (clone)
Fidelity Excellence 3 MHz
-Fidelity Excel Display (clone)
-Fidelity Excellence Voice (clone)
-Fidelity Excellence 4, 5 und 6 MHz
-SPS/RRR Playmate-2 (clone)
-SPS Partner (clone)
Fidelity Little Chesster
-RadioShack/Tandy 1900L (clone)
Fidelity Mach IV
-Fidelity Designer 2325 Master (clone)
-Fidelity Elite Avant Garde Version 6 (clone)
Fidelity Marauder
-Mephisto Junior (clone)
Fidelity Par Excellence
-Fidelity Phantom (clone)
-Fidelity Elite Avant Garde 2100
-Peri Epsilon (clone)
Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 9
-Fidelity Playmatic S
Fidelity The Classic
-Fidelity Silver Bullet (clone)
-Fidelity Designer 1500 (clone)
-Fidelity The Gambit (clone)
-Peri Beta (clone)
Fidelity Travel Master
-Saitek GK2000
Hanimex HGM 1200
-Conic Computer Chess (clone)
-Westrak CC1 (clone)
Krypton/Systema 1460 Micro Chess
-Excalibur Micro Chess (clone)
-Tiger Protege Pocket (clone)
Krypton/Systema Horizon
-Tiger Crusader (clone)
-Krypton Talisman (clone)
Krypton/Systema Meteor
-Krypton/Systema Alpha (clone)
-Krypton Chess Express (clone)
-Krypton Pioneer (clone)
-Krypton Gemini Plus (clone)
-Krypton Orion Plus 2 in 1 (clone)
-Krypton/Systema Jupiter (clone)
-Krypton Schachpartner (clone)
-Krypton Schachpartner 2 (clone)
-Krypton/Systema Jupiter de Luxe (clone)
-Excalibur Chess Express (clone)
-Excalibur Lancer Express (clone)
-Excalibur Sabre II (clone)
-Excalibur Kingmaster 2 in 1 (clone)
-Excalibur Kingmaster II (clone)
-Excalibur Travel Kingmaster II (clone)
-Excalibur Crusader (clone)
-Excalibur Einstein (clone)
-Excalibur The Explorer Deluxe (clone)
-Excalibur Stiletto III (clone)
-Excalibur Alpha 2 in 1 (clone)
-Excalibur Cutlass (clone)
-RadioShack Travel Chess & Checkers (clone)
-Tiger Compact (clone)
Krypton/Systema Odyssey II
-Tiger Grand Master (clone)
-Tiger Marathon de Luxe (clone)
Lexibook 425 XLight
-Lexibook (Yeno) Travel Chess (clone)
-Lexibook Chessman Pro (clone)
-Lexibook Chessman Light (clone)
-Lexibook Chessman FX Elite (clone)
-Lexibook Chesslight (clone)
-Lexibook Chessman Classic (clone)
-Lexibook Chessman Classic Light (clone)
-Lexibook Chessman Elite (clone)
-Lexibook Chessman Max
-Yeno 430 XT
-Excalibur Electronic Glass Chess (clone)
-Millennium Schachpartner 2000
Mattel Computer Chess
-Elektronik IM-29 Schachpartner (clone)
Mephisto Atlanta
-Mephisto Magellan
-Mephisto Senator
Mephisto Chess Trainer
-Saitek Mephisto Junior Master Chess (clone)
-Mephisto Travel Chess Computer (clone)
-Mephisto Melbourne II (clone)
Mephisto Dallas 68000
-Mondial 68000XL (clone)
Mephisto Europa
-Mephisto Europa A (clone)
-Mephisto Manhattan (clone)
-Mephisto Marco Polo (clone)
-Mayak Computer Chess (clone)
-Chess Computer-1 (clone)
Mephisto I
-Mephisto Junior
Mephisto II
-Mephisto ESB II
-Mephisto Mirage
Mephisto III
-Mephisto MM I
Mephisto Milano Pro
-Mephisto Master Chess (clone)
-Pewatronic Master Chess
Mephisto Mini
-Fidelity Tiny (clone)
Mephisto MM II
-Yeno 532 XL (clone)
Mephisto Monte Carlo
-Mephisto Super Mondial (clone)
Mephisto Roma 68000
-Mephisto Montreal 68000 (clone)
-Mephisto Roma II
Mephisto Schachakademie
-Mephisto Talking Chess Academy (clone)
-Saitek GK 2000
Mephisto Schachschule II
-Saitek Cosmic (clone)
-Mephisto Touch Screen Travel Chess (clone)
-Mephisto Maestro Travel Chess (clone)
Mephisto Solar King
-Mephisto Solar Star (clone)
-Saitek Express (clone)
Mephisto Super Mondial II
-Mephisto College (clone)
-Mephisto Monte Carlo IV (clone)
-Mephisto MM IV
-Mephisto Mega IV
Mephisto Supermini
-My first Mephisto
Mephisto Talking Chess Trainer
-Saitek Alchemist (clone)
-Saitek Aurora (clone)
-Saitek Avalon (clone)
-Saitek Chess Partner 2 (clone)
Millennium Schachmeister Pro 2
-Pyro Super 8 Plus (clone)
-Millennium Touch Chess & Games (clone)
-PalmChess Plus (clone)
Millennium Sprechende Schachschule
-Millennium Sprechender Schachmeister (clone)
-Millennium Sprechender Schachmeister 3000 (clone)
Milton Bradley
-Milton Bradley Phantom (clone)
-Milton Bradley Grandmaster (clone)
Novag Accord
-Novag Alto (clone)
Novag Agate
-Novag Opal II (clone)
-Novag Chess Wizard IQ IV (clone)
-Novag Opal plus
Novag Agate Plus
-Novag Opal plus (clone)
-Novag Quartz (clone)
-Novag Carnelian
-Novag Carnelian II
-Novag Star Opal
-Novag Star Aquamarine
-Novag 2Robot
Novag Aquamarine Premier Plus
-Novag Amethyst Plus (clone)
-Novag Beryl (clone)
-Novag Granite (clone)
-Novag Beryl Plus
-Novag Jasper
-Novag Jasper Spezial
-Novag Jasper Club
Novag Chess Champion Pocket Chess
-SciSys Chess Champion Pocket Chess (clone)
-SciSys Senator / SciSys Executive Chess
-SciSys Intercontinental Traveler
-SciSys Chess Partner 2000
-Novag Chess Partner 2000
-Prinztronic Chess Traveller (clone)
-Ingersoll Chess Traveler (clone)
-Acetronic Chess Traveller (clone)
-Tandy Computerized Chess (clone)
Novag Constellation
-Novag Constellation 3.6
-Novag Constellation Quattro
Novag Diablo 68000
-Novag Scorpio 68000 (clone)
Novag Diamond
-Novag Sapphire (clone)
Novag Diamond II
-Novag Sapphire II (clone)
Novag Emerald Classic plus
-Novag Amber (clone)
-Novag Turquoise (clone)
-Novag Chess Wizard IQ V (clone)
-Excalibur Karpov 2294 (clone)
Novag Escort
-Novag Solo (clone)
Novag Jasper spezial
-Novag Tourmaline Plus (clone)
Novag Mentor 16
-Novag Amigo (clone)
-Excalibur Mentor (clone)
Novag Micro II
-Novag Presto (clone)
-Novag Micro III (clone)
-Novag Presto 12 MHz
-Novag Octo 12 MHz
Novag Obsidian
-Novag Star Ruby (clone)
-Novag Citrine
Novag Opal
-Novag Coral (clone)
-Novag Pearl (clone)
-Excalibur Escort (clone)
Novag Piccolo
-Novag Allegro
-Novag Octo
Novag Piccolo 6 MHz
-Novag Allegro
Novag Prelude
-Novag Solo
-Novag Escort
Novag Ruby
-Novag Emerald (clone)
Novag Savant
-Novag Savant II
-Novag Savant Royale
-Novag Robot Adversary
Novag Secondo
-Novag Allegro 4 (clone)
-Novag Uno (clone)
-Novag Condor (clone)
-Novag Crystal (clone)
-Novag Mentor Junior (clone)
Novag Star Beryl
-Novag Star Aquamarine (clone)
-Novag 2Robot (clone)
Novag Star Diamond
-Novag Star Sapphire (clone)
Novag Super Expert
-Novag Super Forte (clone)
Novag Super Sensor IV
-Novag Sensor Dynamic (clone)
Novag Super VIP
-Super Nova
Novag Topaz
-Novag Onyx (clone)
Novag Topaz II
-Novag Amethyst (clone)
-Novag Tourmaline (clone)
-Novag Aquamarine Premier (clone)
-Novag Jasper
-Novag Amethyst Plus
-Excalibur Viper (clone)
Novag VIP
-Novag Primo
-Novag Matador
Novag Zircon
-Novag Jade (clone)
Novag Zircon II
-Novag Jade II (clone)
-Novag Emerald Classic
-Novag Aquamarine RISC II 26.6 MHz
-Novag Chess Wizard IQ V
RadioShack Companion
-Tchibo Chess Partner 3 (clone)
RadioShack Talking e-Chess
-Excalibur Talking e-Chess (clone)
-Excalibur Talking LCD Chess (clone)
-Excalibur LCD Kingmaster (clone)
-Excalibur Kingmaster (clone)
-Excalibur Deluxe Talking Touch Chess
-Excalibur New York Times Deluxe Touch Chess
-Excalibur LCD Chess Express
-Excalibur Ivan II the Conqueror
-Excalibur Alexandra the Great
-Marks & Spencer Ivan II the Conqueror
Saitek Calculator Chess
-Mephisto Schachcomputer 64 (clone)
Saitek Champion Advanced Trainer
-Saitek Travel Champion 2080 (clone)
-Saitek GK2000
-RadioShack Mega 2050X (clone)
-Mephisto Champion (clone)
Saitek GK 2000
-Saitek Virtuoso (clone)
-Saitek Cappella (clone)
-Saitek Turbo Advanced Trainer (clone)
-Saitek Schach-Trainer (clone)
-Saitek Barracuda (clone)
-Saitek Bravo (clone)
-Saitek Executive (clone)
-Mephisto Chess Explorer (clone)
-Mephisto Miami (clone)
-Mephisto Diplomat Advanced Travel Chess (clone)
-Mephisto Mythos (clone)
-Mephisto Montana (clone)
-Fidelity Travel Master
-RadioShack Master 2200X (clone)
Saitek GK 2100
-Saitek Centurion (clone)
-Saitek Cosmos (clone)
-Saitek Travel Champion 2100 (clone)
-Saitek Cougar
-Mephisto Expert Travel Chess (clone)
-Mephisto Chess Admiral (clone)
-Mephisto Chess Challenger (clone)
-Mephisto Mystery
-Mephisto Explorer Pro
-RadioShack Champion 2250XL (clone)
Saitek Olympiad
-RadioShack Partner 1680X (clone)
Saitek President
-Mephisto MM VI (clone)
-Saitek GK2100 (clone)
Saitek Prisma
-Kasparov Blitz (clone)
-RadioShack Chess Champion 2150L
Saitek Sensor XL
-RadioShack Partner 1680X (clone)
Saitek Simultano
-RadioShack Chess Champion 2150 (clone)
-Saitek Modular Series Maestro/Analyst D
-SciSys Stratos
Saitek Travel Mate
-Saitek Aria (clone)
-Saitek Atlas (clone)
-Saitek Aragon (clone)
-Saitek Electronic Chessman
-Saitek Electronic 4 in 1 (clone)
-Saitek Elite
-Mephisto MeXs (clone)
-RadioShack 4-in-1 (clone)
Sandy TSB 4 La Regence
-Chess King Master (clone)
-Chess King Philidor
-CXG Chess 2001
-CXG Chess 3000
-Galaxy Mark VII
-Hanimex HCG 1900
-CGL Computachess Champion
SciSys Explorer
-SciSys Companion II (clone)
-SciSys Concord (clone)
-SciSys Concord II
-SciSys Olympiade (clone)
-SciSys Electronic Chess Mark 8 (clone)
-RadioShack/Tandy 1650 (clone)
-RadioShack 1650 Fast Response
SciSys Express 16K
-SciSys Companion III (clone)
-Saitek Cavalier (clone)
-Saitek Team-Mate (clone)
-Tandy 1850 (clone)
SciSys Mini Chess
-SciSys Junior Chess (clone)
-SciSys Graduate Chess (clone)
-SciSys Chess Partner 3000
-SciSys Chess Partner 4000
-Acetronic Electronic Chess (clone)
-Acetronic Graduate Chess (clone)
-Tandy Beginners Chess (clone)
-Tandy LCD Graduate (clone)
-Tandy Graduate Chess (clone)
SciSys MK10
-SciSys Travel Mate II (clone)
-SciSys Caravelle (clone)
-SciSys Courier V (clone)
-SciSys Rapier
SciSys MK12
-SciSys Kasparov Plus (clone)
-Saitek Plus (clone)
SciSys Pocket Chess
-RadioShack 1450 Pocket (clone)
SciSys Travel Sensor Chess
-SciSys Travel Mate (clone)
-SciSys Chess Partner 5000 / 6000 (clone)
SciSys Turbo 16K
-SciSys Astral (clone)
-SciSys Express 16K
-Mephisto Monaco (clone)
-Tandy 1850L (clone)
-Saitek Conquistador (clone)
SciSys Turbo King
-Saitek Maestro/Analyst D
SciSys Turbo S-24K
-SciSys Leonardo (clone)
-Saitek Galileo (clone)
-Saitek Renaissance (clone)
SciSys Turbostar 432 KSO
-Saitek Maestro A 4 MHz
Stadlbauer Maestro SchachProfessor
-Millennium Schachschule 2000 (clone)
Tiger Chess & More
-Krypton Chess & More (clone)
-Millennium Chess & More (clone)
Tiger Electronics Star Wars Episode 1
-Tiger Chess Marathon (clone)
-Tiger Trekkers (clone)
Tiger Grenadier
-Millennium Genesis (clone)
-Sakkara Vega (clone)
Tiger Voice Master
-Systema Talking Chess Professor (clone)
Vtech Chess Master
-Gakken Computer Chess Game (clone)
-RadioShack/Tandy 1100L Pocket Chess (clone)
Yeno 320 XT
-Yeno/Lexibook 325 XI (clone)
-Yeno 540 XT (clone)
-Yeno 430 XT
-Tiger Marathon
-Tiger Trekker

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