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Chess computers according to the year of manufacture
- All information is from the Wiki and spacious-mind.com website -

Millennium Chess Genius Pro 2024
Millennium The King Competition
Millennium Chess Classic Element
DGT Centaur
DGT Revelation II Anniversary Edition
Millennium The King Performance
Millennium The King Exclusive Chess960 Edition
Novag Super Forte Turbo 8MHz Quattro
Millennium The King Element
Millennium The King Exclusive Lasker Edition
Millennium Chess Genius Exclusive
Chafitz ARB 3.5
Millennium Chess Genius Pro
Novag TM Super Constellation 16 MHz
Pewatronic Grandmaster reflection
Phoenix Chess Systems Reflection
Millennium Chess Genius
Chafitz ARB 4.0 S50 16, 20, 24 and 25 MHz (Steve board)
Millennium Chess & Game 8 in 1
Lexibook Chesslight
Phoenix Chess Systems Revelation II
DGT Revelation II
Tasc R30 Gideon
Pewatronic Master Chess
Excalibur Einstein Touch Chess
Excalibur LCD Chess Wizard Keychain
Pewatronic Explorer Pro
Phoenix Revelation Module Set
Excalibur Einstein Chess Wizard
Lexibook Chessman Classic
Excalibur Phantom Force
Mephisto Explorer Pro
Phoenix Chess Systems Resurrection II
Excalibur Touch Chess II
Mephisto Expert Travel Chess
Novag Citrine
Phoenix Chess Systems Revelation
Excalibur King Arthur Deluxe
Excalibur Deluxe Chess Talking Touch
Lexibook Chessman Pro
Lexibook Chessman FX Elite
Mephisto Chess Explorer
Millennium 2000 Sprechende Schachschule
Novag Obsidian
Novag Granite
Novag Carnelian II
Novag Star Ruby
Novag Star Opal
Lexibook Travel Chess
Lexibook Chessman Elite
Mephisto Master Chess
Mephisto Advanced Travel Chess Computer
Mephisto Chess Challenger
Millennium Orion 6 in 1
Millennium Talking Chess School
Millennium Chess Partners III
Novag Carnelian
Excalibur Ivan II the Conqueror
Excalibur King Master III
Excalibur King Arthur
Excalibur e-Chess & Checkers
Excalibur Alexandra The Great
Millennium Chess & Games
Millennium 2000 Sprechender Schachmeister
Novag Star Diamond
Novag Star Sapphire
Novag Star Beryl
Excalibur Chess Station
Millennium Talking Chess Master 3000
Millennium Talking Chess Master
Novag Beryl Plus
Saitek Bravo
Saitek Cosmic
Excalibur Saber IV
Excalibur Touch Chess
Fidelity Elite Version 11 68060
Novag Electronic Chess Board (Limited Edition)
Sakkara Vega
Excalibur Karpov 2294
Excalibur Igor Version 711E-2
Krypton Systema Saturn
Mephisto MEX's Pro
Millennium Orion 2000
Millennium Chess & Games
Novag Quartz
Novag Beryl
Novag Granite
Novag Opal plus
Saitek Alchemist Plus
Saitek Atlas
Lexibook 425 XLight
Mephisto MeXs
Millennium Genesis
Novag Siglo XXI Aquamarine Risc II 26.6 MHz
RadioShack Travel Chess & Checkers
RadioShack Talking e-Chess
Tiger Electronics Star Wars Episode 1
Krypton Systema Capricorn
Mephisto Magellan
Mephisto Mystery
Mephisto Senator
Mephisto Montana
Millennium Chess School 2000
Millennium Chess Partners 2000
Novag Turquoise
Novag Amethyst Plus
Novag Aquamarine RISC II 26.6MHz
Novag Sapphire II de Luxe
Novag Tourmaline Plus
RadioShack Master Chess
Saitek Cosmos
Saitek Centurion
Saitek Cougar
Saitek Aria
Saitek Barracuda
Saitek Cappella
Tiger Chess Grenadier
Tiger Chess Marathon
Chess Wizard IQ V
Excalibur Igor Version 711E
Excalibur Alpha 2 in 1
Excalibur Crusader
Excalibur King Master II
Excalibur Grandmaster
Krypton Systema Alpha
Mephisto Talking Chess Academy
Mephisto Atlanta
Mephisto Chess School II
Mephisto Chess Academy
Novag Amber
Novag Aquamarine Premier Plus
Novag Diamond II
Novag Emerald Classic plus
Novag Jasper
Novag Sapphire II
RadioShack Chess Companion
RadioShack Companion Version II
RadioShack Champion 2250XL
Saitek Chess Companion
Tiger Chess Grandmaster
Tiger Chess Trekker
Chess Wizard IQ I
Chess Wizard IQ II
Chess Wizard IQ III
Chess Wizard IQ IV
CXG Sphinx Comet
Excalibur Stiletto III
Excalibur Mirage
Excalibur Ivan The Terrible
Mephisto America II
Mephisto Solar Star
Mephisto MM VI
Mephisto London 68020
Mephisto Milano Pro
Mephisto London 68000
Mephisto London 68030
Mephisto TM London
Mephisto Solar King
Novag Agate
Novag Opal II
Novag Emerald Classic
Novag Aquamarine Premier
Novag Agate Plus
Novag Amethyst
RadioShack Sphinx Madrid 1300
RadioShack Portable 1750L
RadioShack Partner 1680X
RadioShack Master 2200X
Saitek Express
Bag R40
Excalibur Legend II
Krypton Regency
Krypton Jupiter
Mephisto Bistro
Mephisto Montreux Garry Kasparov 1995 New York Edition
Mephisto Beach
Mephisto Champion
Mephisto Madison
Mephisto myth
Mephisto Montreux
Novag Topaz II
Novag Tourmalines
Novag Zircon II
Novag Super Emerald deluxe
Novag Aquamarine Risc 20 MHz
Novag Jade II
Saitek Sensor XL
Tasc R30 V2.5
Yeno 540 XT
Excalibur King Master 2-in-1
Krypton Comet
Krypton Challenge
Krypton Pioneer
Mephisto Berlin Professional 68020
Mephisto Chessbook
Mephisto VI Ed Schroeder
Mephisto Risc 2
Novag Sapphire
Novag Diamond
RadioShack Mega 2050X
RadioShack Companion MOD 60.2439
Saitek Turbostar 2600
Saitek MK 14 trainers
Saitek Travel Champion 2100
Saitek Travel Companion
Yeno 320 XT
CXG Sphinx Concerto
Electronics IM-05
Gakken Computer Chess Game
Mephisto Manhattan
Mephisto Alaska
Mephisto America
Mephisto Genius 68030
Mephisto Nigel Short
Mephisto Montreal 68000
Mephisto Avanti
Novag Emerald
Novag Coral
Novag Onyx
Novag Opal
Novag Pearl
Novag Ruby
Novag Zircon
Novag Jade
Novag Aquamarine 16 MHz
Saitek Sparc
Saitek Sensor Chess Turbo
Saitek President
Saitek GK 2100
Saitek Executive
Tasc R30 V2.2
CXG Sphinx Sierra
CXG Sphinx Seville
CXG Sphinx Madrid
CXG Sphinx Legend
CXG Sphinx Galaxy 2
CXG Sphinx Accolade
Electronics IM-29 chess partner
Electronics IM-01T
Fidelity Avanti
Fidelity Elite Premiere
Fidelity Eldorado
Fidelity Travel Master
Fidelity Master 2400
Fidelity Chess Mate
Fidelity Challenger 2300
Mephisto Modena
Mephisto Berlin 68000
Mephisto Risc 1MB
Mephisto Supermini
Novag Tourmalines
RadioShack Chess Champion 2150L
RadioShack Talking Chess Tutor 1900L
Saitek Travel Champion 2080
Saitek RISC 2500
Saitek Turbo Advanced Trainer
Saitek Virtuoso
Saitek Junior Chess
Saitek GK2000
Saitek Calculator Chess
Saitek Brute Force
Fidelity Designer 2325 Master
Fidelity Little Chester
Fidelity Kishon Chesster
Mephisto Milano
Mephisto Junior Sensor
Mephisto Vancouver 68020
Mephisto Vancouver 68030TM 2MB
Mephisto Vancouver 68030 WM TM 8MB
Mephisto My first Mephisto
Mephisto Vancouver 68000
Novag Diablo 68000
Novag Scorpio 68000
Novag Crystal
Novag Condor
RadioShack Portable 1650L
Saitek Chess Shadow
Saitek Traveler
Saitek Megathon 2400
Fidelity Chess Pal
Fidelity Designer 1500
Fidelity Designer 2265 Master
Fidelity Chester Challenger
Fidelity Chess Card
Fidelity Chess Card
Fidelity Elite V10 Steve
Fidelity Tiny Chess
Fidelity Marauder
Fidelity Elite V10 Bucke
Mephisto Europa A
Mephisto Lyon 68000
Mephisto MM V
Mephisto Lyon WM TM 68030 8MB
Mephisto Lyon TM 68030 2MB
Mephisto Monte Carlo IV LE
Mephisto Lyon 68020
Mephisto Polgar 10MHz
Mephisto Phantom
Novag SuperNova
Novag Beluga
Novag Super Expert C
Novag Super Forte C
Peri Epsilon
Saitek MK 12 trainers
Saitek Pocket Plus Trainer
Saitek Kasparov Blitz
Saitek Champion Advanced Trainer
Saitek Prisma
Schneider Sphinx Granada
Scisys Turbo King II
Commodore The Final Chesscard
Conchess Plymate Victoria
CXG Sphinx Chess Card
CXG Sphinx Dominator
CXG Sphinx Commander
CXG Sphinx Galaxy
CXG Supra
Fidelity Genesis
Fidelity Elite V2
Fidelity Elite V6
Fidelity Excel Mach IV
Fidelity Elite V9
Mephisto Edmonton™ 68020
Mephisto Chess School
Mephisto Roma II
Mephisto Portorose TM 68030 2MB
Mephisto Portorose 68000
Mephisto Polgar
Mephisto Monte Carlo IV
Mephisto Mini
Mephisto College
Mephisto Super Mondial II
Mephisto Academy
Mephisto Portorose 68020
Novag Solo Deluxe Z
Novag Allegro 4
Novag Amigo
Novag Mentor 16
Novag Super Expert B
Novag Super Forte B
Novag Super VIP
Novag Uno
Novag Secondo
Peri Alpha
Peri Beta
Peri Delta
Peri Gamma
Saitek Renaissance
Saitek Turbo King II
Saitek Maestro
Saitek Analyst
Yeno 532 XL
Yeno 416 XL
CXG Sphinx Royal
CXG Chess Professor
CXG Granada
CXG Sphinx 40 Plus
CXG Sphinx 50 Plus
Fidelity Designer 2000
Fidelity Designer 2100 display
Fidelity Excel display
Fidelity Excel 68000 Mach II
Fidelity Excel Mach III
Fidelity Phantom
Fidelity Designer 2000 display
Mephisto Almeria 68000
Mephisto Almeria 68020
Mephisto Almeria 68020TM Turbo
Mephisto Mega IV
Mephisto Merlin 4K
Mephisto Mondial 68000XL
Mephisto Monte Carlo IV
Novag VIP
Novag Alto
Novag Escort
Novag Supremo
Novag Primo
RadioShack Chess Champion 2150
Saitek Electronic Chess Partners
Saitek Cavalier
Saitek Conquistador
Saitek Corona
Saitek Galileo
Saitek Simultano
Saitek team mate
Schneider Sphinx Royal
SciSys Turbo King
SciSys Leonardo Turbo Kit
Yeno 301 XL
Chess King Counter Gambit
Chess King Philidor
CXG Sphinx 40
CXG Sphinx 50
CXG Chess 3008
Fidelity Gambit Voice
Fidelity Micro Chess Challenger
Fidelity Excel 68000
Fidelity Excel 68000 Mach II
Fidelity Excel Club 68000
Mephisto Merlin 16K
Mephisto Marco Polo
Mephisto MM IV Turbo
Mephisto Mondial II
Mephisto Monte Carlo
Mephisto Roma 68000
Mephisto Roma 68020
Mephisto Roma TM 68020
Mephisto Europe
Mephisto MM IV
Chess Master Diamond
Novag Accord
Novag Super Forte
Novag Super Expert
Novag Solo
Novag Piccolo
Novag Allegro
Novag Escort
Saitek PocketPlus
Schneider Sensor Chess Partner MK4
Schneider Sensor Chessmaster MK5
CXG Chess 3000
CXG Pocket Chess
CXG Sphinx Titan
CXG Super Crown
CXG Super Enterprise (CXG 210C)
CXG Advanced Star Chess
Electronics IM-01
Fidelity Silver Bullet
Fidelity Elite Avant Garde
Fidelity Elite Avantgarde 2100
Fidelity Par Excellence
Fidelity The Gambit
Fidelity Excellence Voice
Mephisto Rebel 5.0
Mephisto Dallas 68000
Mephisto Dallas 68020
Mephisto Monaco
Mephisto Super Mondial
Novag Prelude
Novag Octo
Novag Constellation Quattro
Novag Allegro
Novag Prelude Siemens
Novag Constellation Forte
Tandy 1850
RadioShack 1450 Sensory Pocket Chess
Saitek Plus
SciSys Leonardo
SciSys Turbo S-24K
SciSys Astral
SciSys Maestro A
SciSys Stratos
SciSys Pocket Chess
SciSys Travel Mate II
SciSys Kasparov Plus
SciSys MK 12
Conchess Princhess H Cassette
CXG Crown
CXG Enterprise S
CXG Super Enterprise (CXG 210)
CXG Star Chess
CXG Galaxy Mark II
CXG Advanced Portaches
Fidelity Sensory 12B
Fidelity The Classic
Fidelity Excellence
Mephisto B&P
Mephisto Amsterdam
Mephisto Devil
Mephisto Mondial
Mephisto Munich
Mephisto MM II
Novag Constellation Junior
Novag Piccolo
Novag Constellation Expert
RadioShack 1650 Fast Response
Schneider Sensor Chessmaster MK6
Schneider MK 7
SciSys Electronic Trio
SciSys Astral
SciSys Caravelle
SciSys Concord
SciSys Concord II
SciSys Courier V
SciSys Express 16K
SciSys Turbo 16K
SciSys Turbostar 432 KSO
SciSys Turbostar 540
SciSys Companion III
CGL Computaches Champion
Chafitz ARB 4.0 50 p
Chafitz Steinitz Encore
Chess King Master
Chess King Triumph
Chess King Pocket Micro Deluxe
Conchess T-Cassette
CXG Super Computaches
CXG Chess 2001
CXG Computachess III
CXG Enterprise
CXG Portachess II
CXG Galaxy Mark VII
Fidelity Septennial
Fidelity Elegance
Fidelity Elite A/S Glasgow
Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 12
Fidelity Super 9 Sensory Chess Challenger
Fidelity USCF Special Edition
Fidelity SPS 3.5
Fidelity Elite Privat
Fidelity Super 9 Deluxe Sensory Chess Challenger
Hanimex HCG 1900
Mephisto S
Mephisto Mirage
Mephisto III-S Glasgow
Microelectronics Chess Master Chess Table
Microelectronics Chess Master
Novag Dynamic S
Novag Super Constellation
Novag Micro III
Novag Constellation 3.6
Novag Presto
Tandy 1650
Schneider Sensor Chess Partner MK3
SciSys Chess Partners 5000
SciSys Companion II
SciSys Turbostar 432
SciSys Superstar 36K
SciSys Rapier
SciSys MK10
SciSys Concord
SciSys Electronic Chess Mark 8
CGL Pocket Micro
CGL Mighty Midget Deluxe
CGL Mighty Midget
Chafitz ARB Sargon 3.5
Chafitz Steinitz edition
Chafitz Modular Game System III + Steinitz Edition-4
CXG Computachess II
CXG Computachess I
CXG Portachess
Fidelity Poppy
Fidelity Super 9 Sensory Chess Challenger
Fidelity Elite A/S Challenger
Fidelity Elite A/S Budapest
Fidelity Playmatic S
Mephisto MM I
Mephisto III Special
Mephisto HG 170
Mephisto Excalibur
Mephisto Modular
Mephisto III
Mephisto ESB 3000
Milton Bradley-Milton
Novag Constellation
Novag Micro III
SciSys Chess Partners 4000
SciSys Superstar 28K
SciSys Explorer
SciSys Travel Mate
SciSys Chess Partners 3000
SciSys Chess Champion Mark VI
SciSys Chess Champion Sensory Board
SciSys Companion II
Vtech Chess Master
CGL Travel Sensory 2
CGL Computachess
CGL Grand Master Travel Sensory
CGL Grand Master Sensory 2
Chafitz TSB 4 La Regence
Chafitz Destiny
Chafitz Mini Master
Chafitz Steinitz-4
Conchess Ambassador
Conic Korchnoi
CXG Computachess II
Fidelity Prestige Challenger
Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 6
Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger 9
Fidelity USCF Special Edition Sensory Chess Challenger
Fidelity Elite Champion Sensory Chess Challenger
Fidelity Mini Sensory II Chess Challenger
Hanimex HCG 1700
Hanimex HCG 1600
Hanimex Computachess
Mephisto ESB II
Mephisto Junior
Mephisto ESB 6000
Novag Micro II
Novag Sensor Dynamic
Novag Savant Royale
Novag Robot Adversary
Novag Savant II
Omikron Bogol 5.0
Philips Videopac C7010
Sandy Electronic La Regence TSB 4
SciSys Intercontinental Traveler
SciSys Chess Champion Mark VI
SciSys Sensor Chess Module
SciSys Chess Companion
SciSys President Chess
Splice Byte XD-300
Chafitz Grünfeld opening module
Chafitz ARB Sargon 3.0
Chafitz Morphy Edition
Chafitz Morphy Encore
Chafitz Capablanca Edition
Conchess Cassette Standard
Conic Computer Chess
CXG Sensor Computachess
Erfurt game case
Fidelity Decorator Challenger
Fidelity Champion Sensory Chess Challenger
Fidelity Sensory Chess Challenger Elite Champion Travemuende
Fidelity Mini Sensory Chess Challenger
Hanimex Computer Chess
Hanimex HCG 1200
Hanimex HCG 1500
Mephisto ESB 6000
Mephisto II
Milton Bradley Phantom
Milton Bradley Grand Master
Novag Savant
Novag Super Sensor IV
Novag Quartz Chess Clock
Novag Micro Chess
SC 1
SC 2
SciSys Chess Champion Super System MK IV
SciSys Sensor Chess
SciSys Senator
SciSys Mini Chess
SciSys Executive
SciSys Chess Champion Mark V
SciSys Junior Chess
TEC Schachcomputer
Tryoma CC-700
Westrak CC1
Chafitz ARB Sargon 2.5
Chafitz Boris Handroid
Fidelity Sencory Chess Challenger 8
Fidelity Voice Sensory Chess Challenger
Fidelity Chess Challenger Grandmaster Voice
Fidelity Impact Printer
Mattel Computer Chess
Mephisto I
Novag Chess Champion Pocket Chess
Novag Chess Champion Delta-1
SciSys Chess Champion Pocket Chess
SciSys Chess Partner 2000
SciSys Intelligent Chess
Cassia Chess Mate
Chafitz Boris Diplomat
Chafitz Boris Master
Chafitz Boris 2.5
Chafitz Sargon 2.5
Conic Master I
Fidelity Chess Challenger Voice
Fidelity Chess Challenger Voice Advanced
Fidelity Chess Challenger 10 C
Fidelity Chess Challenger 7
Novag Chess Champion MK II
Novag Chess Champion Super System MK III
Toytronic Cassia Chess Mate
Toytronic Chess Electronics
Chafitz Boris
Commodore Chessmate
CompuChess Second Edition
Fidelity Chess Challenger 10 Version A+B
Novag Chess Champion MK I
Fidelity Chess Challenger 3
Fidelity Chess Challenger 1
Leonardo Torres Quevedo Rook Endgame Automat
Leonardo Torres Quevedo first chess machine

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